PlaySUPERKIND Rulebook


Welcome to PlaySUPERKIND, a social music-mining game that lets you showcase your creativity and compete with others in exciting challenges! Ready to dive into an amazing community of fellow Players? Choose your faction - NUKE or PRID - each with its own unique approach to content creation. As you progress, you'll climb through different tiers, earning rewards and recognition for your achievements.
In PlaySUPERKIND, you'll take part in various quests, where you'll create short-form content and rack up views, likes, and more. The more successful your creations, the more in-game currency, $DREAM, you'll earn, which can be spent on exclusive features and rewards.
So, Players, get ready to unleash your creativity, connect with others, and dominate the PlaySUPERKIND world! Let the games begin!!!
To enjoy the game, learn the rules by clicking the button below.